Fly Fishing The Grey Reef | North Platte River

The North Platte River is one of the most scenic rivers in Wyoming, offering a premier Blue Ribbon trout fishing experience and thriving with more than 4000 catchable trout per mile.

The upper Grey Reef is located on the North Platte River just outside of Casper, Wyoming. The Grey Reef is notably one of the best rainbow trout fly fishing destinations in the country.

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“This is where good eastern brook trout fishermen come to find nirvana-you have a better chance at a trophy rainbow (or, for that matter, brown) on the North Platte than you do just about anywhere else in the lower 48.”- American Angler Magazine

The lush wilderness, bluffs that captivate the sunrise and sunset, and river views will take your breath away allowing you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Where is the Grey Reef Located On The North Platte River?

The Grey Reef is located 30 miles south of Casper on Wyoming State Highway 220. It is one of two Blue Ribbon tail waters on the North Platte River. The Grey Reef is considered one of the best Rainbow Trout fisheries in the country with fish averaging 16-20 inches with plenty of fish in the 10+ pound range. The Reef begins below Grey Reef Reservoir, a small impoundment just below Alcova Reservoir, and flows north towards Casper.

The upper 7 miles of the Grey Reef is the most famous and also the most heavily fished section of this 40-mile stretch of river.

Public Access Points On the Grey Reef North Platte River

Public wading waters on this section of the North Platte River is limited to three access points.

  • The Grey Reef Access
  • Trapper’s Route #1
  • Lusby Public Fishing Access

The Grey Reef Access

The Grey Reef Access is located right at the Grey Reef Dam just below Alcova Reservoir about 30 miles southwest of Casper. The best way to get to this access point is from U.S. 220 to County Road 412 in Natrona County, Wyoming.

Take note that fish are not stocked in the reservoir. Because this area is considered a reregulating reservoir it is not uncommon for the water surface elevation to fluctuate from nearly full to empty on a daily basis. However, the Grey Reef Access offers a barrier free fishing pier and bathroom access.

Fish species available at this access point include brown trout, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and walleye. You can likely catch rainbow and brown trout in the river below the Grey Reef Dam.

Below the dam is a great campground with a boat launch! You will find the boat ramp and parking lot about a half miles downstream of the dam.

Trappers Route #1

Trappers Route Recreation is located just a short drive from the Lusby Access on the North Platte River. It sits between Alcova Dam and Casper, Wyoming just south of U.S. 220. This area of the river is most popular for floating, kayaking and fishing.

This public access point offers outdoor family fun from camping, kayaking, tubing, picnics and watching wildlife. Of course this recreational area is nestled right along the river so it’s a prime locale for avid fisherman. If you are not an experienced fisherman, that’s ok, grab a fishing rod and enjoy the surrounding beauty and relax.

At the Trappers Route Recreation point you will find four campgrounds offering tent and camper-friendly campsites with amenities like trash collection, picnic tables, fire pits and restrooms.

Lusby Public Fishing Access

The Trout On™ Inn is located at the Lusby Public Fishing Access. If you are not sure where to find the Lusby Fishing Access, you can pin the location right from the homepage of our website. Also, be sure to download our Ultimate Guide to Fishing the North Platte River!

Located at the Lusby access is a premier fishing experience! Book your ALL INCLUSIVE fishing trip at the Trout On™ Inn! Fishing trips include lodging just 100 ft from the North Platte River, a professional tour guide and meals onsite.

Lodging on the river

This Blue Ribbon fishing destination located on the Upper Grey Reef section of the North Platte River is known as a TOP 10 fly-fishing river in Wyoming and holds nearly 5200 trout per mile. This access point can be discovered just outside of Casper, Wyoming and promises a rainbow and brown trout fishing experience of a lifetime.

Contact us to learn how you can next level your fly-fishing experience!

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Shuttle Services On The North Platte River | Natrona County, Wyoming

The biggest stressor in planning a float trip is figuring out how you will get to and from your starting and ending points. Your float trip on the North Platte River should be a relaxing and renewing experience.

The Trout On™ Inn offers shuttle services to and from the following access points:

  • Grey Reef to Miles Landing/Government Bridge
    Shuttle Service: Lusby to Miles Landing / Government Bridge
  • Lusby to Miles Landing/Government Bridge
    Shuttle Service: Lusby to Miles Landing / Government Bridge
  • Grey Reef to Lusby
    Shuttle Service: Grey Reef to Lusby
  • Other routes along the Grey Reef are available

Call 307-462-1917 or visit our website to book your shuttle, rent a drift boat or schedule a guided fishing trip today.

Get a Fishing License in Wyoming

Aside from the other access points listed here, there are several other access points that are mainly used as boat launching points, including Government Bridge, Sechrist, Bessemer Bend, and Robertson Road!

Fishing licenses are required in the State of Wyoming for resident and nonresident anglers over the age of 14. While some exceptions are possible, don’t chance it. Be sure to purchase your license to fish while visiting the public access points in Wyoming.

Enjoy the beauty of the North Platte River!